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Setting up our Clients for Success

Setting up our Clients

for Success


Why manufacturing in Mexico makes sense.

Mexico is a key member of the USMCA, offering a cost-competitive but highly effective workforce including competent and numerous engineers. Mexico has 13 Free Trade Agreements with 50 countries including Latin America and the E.U. However, it is Mexico’s location relative to the USA which makes it an ideal partner for your Mexico contract manufacturing solutions or a Contract Manufacturing Partner.

Supply chains are much safer and more effective with added benefits including safe Intellectual Property, significantly reduced lead times for shipments, world-class infrastructure, the functional legal system, lower logistics costs, and ample local providers for many industries. Two-thirds of the country is fully industrialized. Mexican Contract Manufacturers are known for quality and for being loyal long-term partners.

258 Consulting can find the right manufacturing solution for your future.

Our Services

Manufacturing in Mexico offers peace of mind for your intellectual property, offering competitive manufacturing costs, a productive and skillful work force with a great location in North America.

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Manufacturing Solutions

If you are thinking of Mexico as a place to manufacture, we support three critically important solutions.

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Mexico Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing in Mexico, Production and Supply Chain Development

Supply Chain Development

Let our experts support all your supply chain needs in Mexico, including full Custom’s Analyses.

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Contract Manufacturing in Mexico  by 258 Consulting, Production and Mexico Supply Chain Expert Consulting, and Supply Chain in Mexico Consultants,

Contract Manufacturing

Finding the right resources for your Contract Manufacturing in Mexico takes expertise and due diligence.

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Mexico Production and Mexico Supply Chain Expert Consulting, and Supply Chain in Mexico Consultants,

Guidance from A - Z

From US and Mexico Site Selection to Import/Export Services, we guide our clients from A to Z.

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Walking you through The Process


Mexico, like any country in the world has its specifics; its culture, its business culture, its legal structure, history and language. Navigating this without a trusted and experienced advisor or partner can result in very costly and time-consuming efforts.

258 Consulting simplifies this and strives to be our clients’ trusted eyes and ears when considering Mexico. Why waste valuable time and money with expensive lawyers and accountants who only know their specific disciplines? 258 Consulting offers a complete, low-cost, one-stop-shop to all your most pressing manufacturing or supply chain needs in Mexico.

Our Expertise:

  • Supply Chain Development
  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Import / Export Services
  • US and Mexico Site Selection

Mexico Manufacturing: Proven • Reliable • Capable

Not only is Mexico one of the USA’s largest trading partners, but its world-class infrastructure, low-cost and qualified workforce and excellent logistics with the United States makes it an ideal place for near-shore Mexico contract manufacturing solutions

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Moving Production in Mexico, Less Cost Production, Less Cost Labor, and enhanced Mexico Supply Chain Development,
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Finding the best Supply Chain or Contract Manufacturing Solution option for your Mexico strategy.

258 Consulting provides Supply Chain Development and Mexico Manufacturing solutions for foreign companies seeking to establish a manufacturing presence in Mexico.

Our target client base:

  • US or foreign Manufacturing companies
  • US or foreign companies that do not necessarily manufacture themselves but outsource their products from Contract Manufacturers Partners (CMP)
  • Service providers in the US looking to source software development, call centers, or other services from Mexico.
  • Established US companies that currently manufacture or have their supply chain in China, outside the US, or in the US.
  • Manufacturing companies looking to move or expand where we can provide site selection services.
  • Mexican companies looking to explore the US market for their products or services.
  • Other manufacturing, customs and brokerage, supply chain, and near-shore consulting services are available.

Our Promise


We Listen

Each company’s goals are different and require their own solutions. We take the time to listen and understand your needs.

Expert Advice

From our expert advice to our competitive quotes for the best manufacturing options, we work for your best interests.


Review & Follow-up

We promise to keep your best interests at heart and to review, revise, and scrutinize results to ensure your success.



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