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258 Consulting takes its name from the 258 stone monuments or obelisks that were placed back in the middle of the 1800’s to mark the border between Mexico and the US. These monuments deliniated the border from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Before there were walls and fences, the only thing marking the border were these monuments. We help companies on both sides of the US and Mexico border to find solutions for their sourcing, manufacturing and sales expansion goals, we believe that walls and fences are not the solution while recognizing that the two countries are business partners and together are a great force to compete in international markets.

Eduardo González Díaz de León, 258 Consulting, www.mexicomanufacturing258.comEduardo González Díaz de León is currently the President of 258 Consulting LLC. Previously he was appointed Deputy Trade Commissioner of ProMexico in Phoenix, AZ from September 2015 to March 2019. ProMexico was Mexico’s agency responsible for coordinating strategies aimed at strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international economy, supporting exporting firms from Mexico and coordinating activities aimed at attracting foreign investment. The agency and all of its international offices were closed at the end of 2018 (effective March 2019).

Mr. González has an extensive experience of more than 20 years in business development and supply chain support, assisting Mexican companies with their international sales and helping foreign companies to identify new suppliers, assisting in contract negotiations with manufacturers and finding solutions for their supply chain needs. Additionally, he has vast experience in international markets, before his appointment at the Promexico office in Arizona, he previously served as State Director for ProMexico in the Mexican state of Baja California and had several responsibilities while working for Mexican Export Development Bank (Bancomext) in The Netherlands and in Mexico.

Mr. Gonzalez has helped foreign companies establish manufacturing operations in Mexico and find suppliers to source their manufacturing needs or services, in the advanced manufacturing sector (aerospace, automotive, medical device), as well as in the other industries, such as: food processing, fresh food and meat, retail sector, tourism and IT, among others.

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